Association Youth Club Roma Stolipinovo 1996

Organisation Association Youth Club Roma Stolipinovo 1996
Category EducationAll categories: Education, Employment, Housing, Healthcare
Contact person Mr. Asen Karagyozov
Address 46 Landos Str., Plovdiv 4000, Bulgaria,
Phone 0359 32 622 322
Country Bulgaria

The Youth Club Roma-Stolipinovo Association is established in 1996 by young Roma from Stolipinovo neighborhood in Plovdiv, driven by ideas for new development opportunities for young people from Stolipinovo, advocating for Roma rights and equity, overcoming isolation and segregation. During the last 5 years the Youth Club is operating the following fields: community development and community self-organizing of Roma youth - motivating, recruiting, training and supporting youth volunteers in Stolipinovo, development and consolidation of 5 Roma Youth initiative groups in several cities and villages, a new initiative group of 10 young Roma is in the process of establishment, establishment and coordination of informal network of Roma youth initiative groups – currently it covers 5 settlements in 3 municipalities with the target to enlarge the network; healthcare, focused on access to healthcare, health education, health promotion, prevention and rehabilitation of risk behavior of young people; education, focused on motivation of Roma for better education and support for improving the access of Roma children and young people to education: on-going community work for motivating young people for continuing their education, working with children and their parents for preventing drop-out of children from schools and advocacy: participation in local coalitions and partnerships, provision of proposals and feedback from the community on local policy measures of different institutions.